How to gain confidence?

Confidence in other terms called Self-confidence is contagious. Yes, you heard it right! The confidence in you can boost confidence in others, and you can turn to be an inspiration. Driving away from the negativity on your path and seeing positivity in every step of your life is the key factor to gain confidence.

Walk through the positive street
Negative thoughts can draw you back more powerfully than the positive thoughts lifting you up. Yes, the statement is true! Stay awake and conscious with your positive thoughts and let negative thoughts doesn’t bother you. Always have a positive attitude and keep thinking on positive happenings, say positive things like talk about success, winning, happiness rather than talking and thinking about sad, guilt, and failure. The simple trick is to block the negative thought as soon as it starts popping in your mind. Keep blocking it and stay calm, practice this and this will become a habit. Your mind doesn’t allow negativity after few days when you keep doing the trick of blocking negative thoughts continuously.
Having a smile on your face, right body language like shaking hands during communication, waving Hi, Bye, making eye to eye contact while talking can showcase the positive attitude and help you gain confidence.

Be well prepared; take risks:
A good preparation always boosts your confidence. Suppose you are attending a meeting, a conference, an interview or going for an examination, here the question of confidence arises! Having right confidence is directly proportional to the performance, and it depicts the success. A planned preparation can always have a great impact in giving you that confidence boost!
Here let us take two situations. In the first case, you go for some very easy task and achieve success at once. In the second case, you go through a challenging and risky path, go through all up and downs, face everything good and bad on the way and after failure or series of failures, you achieve the success. So which situation among these two gives you more confidence at the end? The second case right? So the statement here is, Take risks, it is okay to face failures, but that helps you gain confidence which can stay forever, and you will know the short cut mantra of success.

Learn from failures, make a plan
Challenges and failures are common in everyone’s life, and you don’t gain confidence without facing them. To increase the self-confidence, make a plan or list of things what you have achieved till date, and make another list of what you wanted to achieve for rest of your life. Stick them to the wall. Keep remembering your achievements, and that gives you enough confidence to achieve the next goals in your life.

Believe in your achievements
Trust yourselves, Believe in you. This is the Key factor to gain confidence. Being confident doesn’t mean that you are in success. Confidence enables you to face the difficulties and challenges that come in the path of your achievements. So, believe in yourselves, and that means you are confident!

Learn to receive humility and praise
Most of us get depressed when a person throws negative comments or when a person humiliates us. This attitude is not a great strength that one can have, and this can pull you down. Confident people receive praise or humility at the same level. In fact, a person with all positive things going on in the life can get over-confident which can be dangerous. Life is about up and downs, and there is a sunny day after every rainy day. Confidence boosts up when you face and accept those unpredictable and untoward happenings in life.
Rejection and failure is a part of life, and you need to pass that phase to see the next best thing coming on your way. Understanding the fact that no single person is an exception to nature’s laws helps you to gain confidence.

List your strengths and weaknesses, and set goals
What made you loose confidence in the life? Have you failed in something? Lost in something? Is it happening repeatedly? Then this is the plan. Set a goal, list all your strengths and weaknesses. Read your strengths twice every day, gain confidence and plan to overcome your weaknesses one after one. This step by step process can wave off those negative thoughts and create a positive attitude in your life. This is a simple and straightforward technique to gain confidence.

Get trained!
Are you not confident because you are not well resourced? Not well trained? Or not well informed? Does taking any course or training helps you to achieve your goal easily? Then, the first step is to take that course, be well resourced, well trained and well informed. This helps you to gain confidence and makes it easier to achieve success.

Learn from confident people
As you can turn to be an inspiration when you have that persistent, confident attitude in you, you can learn from the confident people if you lack self-confidence at times. Watch, observe, and listen to the person who is confident always. Watch his thoughts, learn from his decisions what he does at difficult times. When you are on the verge of losing confidence, remember what that person who is always self-confident will do, and do that. This will eventually lead you to the path of confidence. Surround yourselves with confident and positive people and don’t encourage people with negative words or thoughts to stay with you for long.

Healthy body – Healthy mind!
Yes, a healthy body, a healthy mind. Are you healthy? Are you overweight? Eating junk? If yes, then time to change your food habits. Having an adequate sleep, following a healthy lifestyle, and regular exercise, good eating habits can make your body and mind healthy. Are you a smoker? Alcoholic? Then it is time to quit. If you have high blood pressure and if you have diabetes or if you have any other health issues like thyroid, try having regular health check-ups as a hormonal imbalance can cause disturbed thoughts and can lead to depression and lack of confidence. A healthy body always depicts healthy mind. A healthy mind can give that confidence in you as it allows positive thoughts and drives away the negative thoughts.

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