Clone of Top 5 Tips to Sleep Better!

Many people visit doctors and health care industry experts because they can’t sleep well. The effects of a bad night’s sleep could range from mental, emotional and physical fatigue to irritability and feeling sleepy during the day, which can sometimes be serious, like feeling sleepy while driving. The following are some practical tips that can give you a sound sleep so that you wake up refreshed and stay fresh all day long.

Tip# 1. Fix up a time to sleep and to wake up and stick to it: Doing this would set your body’s internal clock and it would know when it’s time for sleep and for waking up. Ensure that you don’t disturb the schedule even on weekends.

Tip# 2. Don’t feast just before it’s time to sleep: Have your meals at least 2 hours in advance of your bedtime and avoid rich meals. Also going to bed on a hungry stomach is harmful.

Tip# 3. Don’t consume coffee, cigarettes or drinks before bedtime: It’s best that you avoid these completely in the evening because their effect lingers on for some time after consumption, depending upon the quantity you’ve consumed.

Tip# 4. Physical exercise helps you get better sleep: Aside from many other benefits, regular exercise can get you a more restful sleep. Compared to pharmaceutical drugs meant to help you sleep, exercise is an all natural way to better your sleep and health in general. But avoid exercise or vigorous physical activity before bedtime.

Tip# 5. Make your bedroom a sleep haven: To make it comfortable you’d need to make it quiet, dark and regulate the temperature and humidity to you comfort. Also shift the TV away to another room as it can be a distraction.

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