15 Foods that increase the longevity

The times have gone where you get the natural and cultivated fresh food directly from the farm. The time is fast forwarded wherein no food bypasses the industrial techniques and the necessary processing. Preservatives, canned foods are the common terms we hear now.
In these days of industrialization of the food industry, it is an essential thing to discuss the foods that are good for health and the foods that can increase longevity.
Yes, you have read it right! Researchers have proved that certain foods increase the longevity of the person. People in certain areas live longer than other areas, for example, people in Pacific islands live longer than many other parts of the world, and this is attributed to their food habits.

Now let us discuss the foods that increase the longevity of a person.
⦁ Let us start with the basic. Water though sounds simple and silent; it is the most important thing that helps in maintaining the health of a person. Though cannot be included as food, it cannot be avoided in the list as having other healthy foods with less water intake is not beneficial. It helps in proper functioning and balancing of all the internal organs of the body including skin, circulatory system, urinary system.

Drink as much as water and Replace carbonated drinks with water. That is the first step to increasing your life expectancy.

⦁ Coffee/Green Tea:

It is well known and heard that drinking green tea is good for health, increases weight loss; it is rich in antioxidants, and thus healthy prevents cancer, acts as an anti-aging agent, etc. Now, another one to add to the list is that it increases the longevity of the person if taken at 3 to 5 cups a day. So why late? Time to start having green tea

Coffee is well known and most commonly used beverage all over the world. While having coffee has a list of negative effects on health, the good news for coffee addicts is that research says about coffee increasing the longevity in person, especially the dark roast coffee.

⦁ Dark Chocolate: Dark chocolate, tastiest way to keep you healthy. The cocoa in dark chocolate can have immense health benefits, listed up to fifty in number. A good go to start eating if you want to increase the longevity.

⦁ Nuts and Berries:

Eating different kinds of nuts provides the body all those good fats that are needed.
Nuts also supply the vitamins and minerals to the body. It is known that people who eat nuts often live longer.

Berries are also included in the list as they are known to prevent cancer and improve immunity.

⦁ Avocado: A fruit that can be utilized to its best for all the good it does to the body. It has around twenty nutrients, vitamins and minerals along with monosaturated fatty acids that are a great help to the body. It can be consumed in many forms apart from consuming as direct fruit. Helps in preventing heart disease, cancer and helps in improving immunity. It is one fruit that can increase the longevity of the person.

⦁ Broccoli: Like Avocado in fruits, Broccoli in vegetables tops the list that is known to increase the longevity of the person. It is super rich in super nutrients and is supposed to act as an anti-cancer agent, and it increases the immunity.

⦁ Sprouts: The initial phase of growth in the plant is the store of many essential nutrients. Sprouts have that advantage of storing all the nutrients that are required for the initial growth of the plant. Known to increase the longevity of the person.

⦁ Garlic: One of the top listed herbal medicinal foods that have more than hundred uses and positive effects on health. Increases immune power and prevent cancer. It is supposed to increase the longevity of the person. It has to be taken in raw form to get more benefits.

⦁ Fish/Salmon Fish: Salmon fish is especially good for its oils, and it reduces heart disease in people regularly having. Have salmon fish twice a week, and it is sure to promote longevity. It also reduces cancer and improves eye, skin and joint health. Do not prefer farmed fish and canned foods as you don’t grab the fullest advantage of eating fresh fish.

⦁ Tomatoes: Tomatoes contain Lycopene which is a well-known anticancerous agent and having tomatoes as a regular part of your diet can increase longevity.

⦁ Red wine: Resveratrol in red wine is the key ingredient that promotes anti-aging, acts as an anti-cancer agent and is also good in controlling high blood pressure. So, sipping red wine now and then has a benefit more than the mere purpose of relaxation.

⦁ Fibre rich food: A high fibre rich food like Bran can decrease sugar levels in the body, decreases the blood pressure and decreases the cholesterol, thus promotes heart health. Add bran to your breakfast, and you see the difference in your health. It is sure to increase the longevity.

⦁ Cabbage: Cabbage is packed with phytochemical that can kill carcinogens. It detoxifies the liver and prevents cancer. Eating raw cabbage has most of its benefits. Adding to salads, soups is the easiest way to grab the benefit. It is anti-aging agent and promotes longevity

⦁ Green leafy vegetables: Greens are gods! Yes, having green leafy vegetables as a part of the diet can have immense benefits for the health of an individual and is sure to increase the longevity.

⦁ Beets: Anthocyanins in beets are very famous for their anti-cancer action and having them as a part of regular diet in the form of salads, soups, as a side dish can increase the longevity of a person.

Whatever food you choose, try to choose the food in its natural form, or closest to its natural form. Canned food, preserved foods, and processed foods can do more harm than good. Eat less oil and eat limited food but more frequently. The foods mentioned above are sure to increase the longevity and make them a part of your regular diet to live a long healthy life!

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